Used by women since the 18th century, the scarf is a simple and inspiring accessory for everyday life. Inoui Editions (formerly Inouïtoosh) remains timeless through its emblematic designs and gives you the opportunity to alternate between each model according to your mood and the changing seasons.

Inoui Editions offer a first class choice of women's scarves. Elegant pieces par excellence, they tell a significant story intertwined with contemporary accents. Their fluid fabric composition gives them luminous reflections, while bringing out the intensity of their colour spectrum.

A precious accessory par excellence, the printed scarf is a great style ally. It transcends trends with its satin material, cut into a perfect shape. At Inoui Editions, they come to life with original and colourful illustrations. Twist yours around your neck or on the handle of your bag.

The unique identity of Inoui Editions is embodied in the printed silk squares. Their perfect square is adorned with a large-format motif, created in the manner of a painting by our French illustrators. Each design is carefully drawn in modern shades, to obtain a singular result between light and shadow. The timeless appearance is underlined by sewn endings, a guarantee of quality and longevity.


How to wear a silk scarf?

A flowing piece of fabric, the women's scarf is characterized by its multiple ways of being worn. It adapts to many styles: wrapped around the neck for a sophisticated touch, or placed on the shoulders in all simplicity. Accompanying the male suit, it can also be tied like a tie.
Our scarves can be worn as a belt, tucked into the loops of a pair of dress trousers and tied into beautiful loops. Beyond the clothing options, they look great on the shoulder strap of a handbag, tote bag or travel bag. Women's lavalieres become a voluminous bow under classic and Claudine collars.