Inouïtoosh adventure began in a small shop in St Valery, facing the Somme bay and jaw-dropping landscape. Using this unique natural panorama as inspiration, Lise Guitton and Mathilde Bon created Inouitoosh. Inouitoosh gets inspiration in la Baie de Somme, known as one of the most stunning bays in the world. Its unique landscapes, atmosphere and colour range make the identity of the brand very personal.

From this inspiration, a rich and dreamlike universe was born, with its mix of exotic touches and French elegance; each scarf is designed like a painting and tells a story.

This year Inouitoosh becomes Inoui Editions, following the tradition of French textile and drawing publishers. At the intersection of enlightened modernity and extravagant classicism, our accessories are adaptable to everyone’s way of life in either hemisphere. Inoui Editions is inspired by the feeling we get looking out into the Somme bay from our old boathouse in Saint Valery. We bring this spirit to our first Parisian shop on Rue de l’Odéon, in the heart of a creative district dear to artists and makers of words and things. Inoui Editions’ designs stand at the crossroads of engraving and painting, and we create our figurative patterns to tell stories.

Imagining, drawing, sharing.


With its poetic imaginary, its refined collections and the excellent quality of the material used, Inouïtoosh has maintained an aura of seduction and surprise each season for 10 years, from Paris to New York and Tokyo.

Today, the style crew working there is composed of a D.A, a fashion designer and four textile designers who create over 40 new prints and embroideries each season.

The brand’s story begins in Saint Valéry sur Somme, far away from the city bustle. The wilderness of the Somme estuary was a source of inspiration for Mathilde and Lise, who settled their office facing the bay.


Each scarf, bag, pillow or rug is intended to be a work of art itself. Season after season the collections are connected and can be appreciated like an exhibition...

What makes the brand unique is its attachment to its territory : The Somme bay. And at the international level, it’s the decade-long relationship created between France and India. The designs are thought and designed in Saint Valery sur Somme, and the products are crafted in India.

Our distribution allows a total synchronicity between French style and Indian craftsmanship. India, with weaving technics and worldwide recognized materials, adds an extra touch of soul to Inouïtoosh and allows each design to seduce and surprise; a woven border, a silk and modal mix made for an exceptional drape.

Everything is studied on site. The famous Inouïtoosh ‘twist’ is not only in its design but also in its way of thinking the scarf as a fashion accessory in itself that will transform a silhouette or an outfit.