inoui editions - printed scarves, bags & accessories

Inoui Editions is a French accessory brand created in 2009 by stylist Lise Guitton and textile designer Mathilde Bon in the Baie de Somme where they were born. Starting with scarves, they moved on collections of leather goods, home decor, and ready-to-wear using the same design identity as their prints.

Every Inoui creation that enters our shops carries within it a tradition of craftsmanship and artisan. Our designers spend weeks creating new designs, weavers spend three weeks assembling fabrics, and our printers take up to a week making sure everything is exactly right. Our process takes a long time  because we use methods passed down from centuries-old traditional techniques. The final product represents a perfect coordination of every member of our production team.

Each collection unfolds as if you were discovering a new exhibition.

Each print on our scarves tells you a story like a painting.

With its rich printed world, full of ideas and always recreating itself, our house style charms both men and women. A seaside elegance cruises between enlightened modernism and extravagant classicism, adapting itself to everyone's pace, season after season under each hemisphere.

For Inoui Editions, travel and poetry are intimately tied together.