A cross between a ribbon and a scarf, the lavaliere adds the perfect amount of elegance to your look. Its voluminous satin bow has been popular with women since the 1940s. At Inoui Editions, its bright patterns enhance shirts and t-shirts in a flash.

Women's lavalieres are retro-inspired textile strips, here revisited in the modern spirit of our House. Their elongated shape provides an original basis for the designs in each collection. Our illustrators take advantage of this to return to the essence of the motif, whether it is an animal coat or an abstract setting. Made from pure silk, they can be tied around the neckline or used to complement clutches and bags. You will also find printed silk squares and bandanas in our range of scarves.

Worn by women as far back as the Victorian era, the lavaliere is an ideal option to brighten up simple looks. It consists of a rectangle of satin fabric that can be easily tied around a shirt’s collar. Tie it at the front or side; the lower the tie, the more casual the look. At Inoui Editions, this accessory is available in pure silk illustrated with our seasonal patterns.